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Reference Stallions

Note: these stallions are not for sale and are posted here only for your reference when browsing our other horses.



Cherryville's Rio De Oro

06/19/88 Palomino Pinto 33-.75" - AMHA #108514 - AMHR #241889A - Double Registered

No. That is not a retouched or old picture of Rio.  This picture was taken in August of 2006 after being clipped and brought out of the breeding pasture 2 weeks before.  He is a little over 18 years old in this picture.  Rio is an example of what a miniature horse should be with a long, archy neck, straight top-line, straight legs and a look at me attitude rolled into one of the gentlest breeding stallions you have ever seen. He has produced numerous Supreme Halter horses, National Champions and National Honor Roll winners over his breeding career.  Additionally, at his first show, at the age of 12, he won Supreme Halter Horse.  In his show career he continued to win many times over, but, due to personal reasons, he was never shown at nationals.  We decided to not risk anything happening to him and retired him back to the farm to make awesome babies for us as he had in the past.   He is one of the few stallions in the miniature world that truly passes on his attributes to his offspring the majority of the time: ranking right up there with the greats of the industry like Boones little Buckeroo and Glenn's General Patton.  That trait is the mark of a great breeding stallion.  We cherish his daughters in order to cross them with the other great bloodlines in the industry and produce some of the finest show horses we have seen.  Can you tell we love this horse? and, that he will die a very old man right here at Cherryville Farms?  Hopefully that will be a very, very long time from now. 



Cherryville Rio’s Heir Apparent

04/25/03 – Palomino Pinto Stallion - AMHA #142062 – AMHR #R241980A

 Heir Apparent is exactly that.  He is the heir to the “Rio” throne.  He exemplifies the best from his bloodline of champions.  In 2008, after being out of the pasture for only 3 months, Heir won 2 Top Fives at the 2008 World Show in Amateur Level 2 Senior Stallions and Senior Stallions 32” to 34”!!  He is a natural beauty.  This is our first year to have babies out of Heir and, if the first one is an indication, they are going to be AWESOME!  Like his sire, Heir has an exceptional attitude and a wonderful show presence.  He has big, expressive eyes, level top-line and straight legs.  Don’t miss the chance to own a baby out of this awesome stallion.




Silver Plates Baccarra Luxor - Sorrel Stallion - 03/26/03 - 30" - AMHA #149329 - AMHR #252734T - Double Registered

Sire: Little Kings Buckeroo Baccarra - 33.5" *** Dam: Silver Plates Double Exposure - 33.5"

Luxor is the epitome of breeding when it comes to pedigree. On top of that, his looks & conformation are awesome to say the least. When I saw him at the National Show Sale several years ago, I had to have him. Originally, he was purchased by Mary Ann of Little King Farms, the owner of Boones Little Buckeroo.  She allowed me to purchase him from her before he even left the sale that year.   I want to say a heartfelt  THANKS  to her for allowing me to have him.  He is out of 2000 National Champion Senior Stallion "Baccarra" who was one of the most awesome show horses we have ever seen.  And if that is not enough his dam is out of 1998 National Champion Sr. Stallion "Double Destiny"; another of the all time greats in the industry.  His pedigree is one of the best in the country and we are so excited to have him in our herd. One of his first daughters won big in Europe last year as a weanling for our dear friend Angelique.  As a young stallion we are looking forward to the blending of the "Rio" bloodlines and the "Buckeroo" thru the use of this stallion and our Rio daughters.